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Duke Hunter Whitetail
Eagle-Eyed Samurai
Duke Whitetail
Paladin of Judgement
Name Hunter Whitetail
Kanji 狩人白尾
General Information
Race Human
Birthdate 19th June
Age 59
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight Unknown
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Grey
Professional Information
Affiliation Fabul
House Whitetail
Whitetail Legal Enforcement Task Force
Occupation Duke of House Whitetail
Leader and Founder of the Whitetail Legal Enforcement Task Force
Previous Occupation Apprentice Samurai
Heir to House Whitetail
Mentor to Serena Rousseau
Team Whitetail Legal Enforcement Task Force
Partner Serena Rousseau
Base of Operations Fabul
Personal Information
Marital Status Married
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Family Lavenia Whitetail(Wife)
Winfred Whitetail(Son)
Katarina Whitetail
Education Father
Institutions of Education
Status Active
Primary Job Samurai
Secondary Skill Paladin

Duke Hunter Norris Whitetail is the current head of the illustrious House Whitetail, having ascended to power after a constant struggle between the scuffle of several influential families and other, poor, working class much like himself. Once a servant, another time a labor worker, or sometimes a volunteer, Hunter had always been subject to the tiresome ascent to power which was extraordinarily difficult to obtain within a country where illegal activities were entirely supported as a means to access greater political influence.

Formerly known as Hunter, Duke Whitetail had attempted to gain enough power in order to destroy all opposition through perfectly legal means. Yet he was unsuccessful in his endeavors. As such, after endless tutoring from both his father and grandfather in the ways of the Paladin, he set out to take out the initial root of these problems, Bandits. After having successfully raided a small bandit village, and caused them all to be sentenced to prison, Hunter had gained a purpose in his life, and a way to ascend beyond his rudimentary lifestyle.

He initially formed a vigilante group, of several small-time working class individuals who had the same desires as his own. However; as their organization grew, so did Hunter's recognition within society. Finally; after marrying his wife, Lavenia Whitetail, and having their first and only child, Winfred Whitetail, they were recognized as nobility among the populous.

And so, the Whitetail Legal Enforcement Task Force had been found. Using his political influence, Duke Whitetail had gathered an extraordinary number of followers who were of the same class as his own, and using the vast majority of employees he had, he let them set out to the different nations to represent his own position. Accordingly so, several influential figures such as Aeron Bloodraven and Trade Prince Silvia have shown an antagonistic viewpoint towards him, believing him to be conceited and far too idealistic for his age, some even claim that they have made assassination attempts towards him!

A powerful Samurai who had been taught by the very bandits which he then plunged, and an equally skilled Paladin who had been taught by his father, he is known as Eagle-Eyed Samurai and Paladin of Judgement for his exceptional combat prowess despite his age, and is thought to be one of the few who is truly capable of quelling the illegal activity within all the nations.







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