Garth Moonstalker is a Human from Gaia (FFIX). When he was 15, Garth was taken from home in Lindblum to Alexandria, where was Queen Brahne sent him to the Outer Continent. There, he was changed into a Black Mage (race). He going to be sent to Alexandria, but then Garth was saved by Mark Moonstalker the XIV, adopted by him, and taken to his home in the Shimmering Island. There, he grow up with his brothers, Mark Moonstalker the XV and later on, Lance Olsa Moonstalker. Four years later, Garth changed back into a Human and with his brothers left home to adventure. He keep his abilities as Black Mage. Two years later, they met Mang the Moogle from Gaia (FFVII) and went with him to the world of FFIV, where Garth met Sylvia Juno. Three years later, they married and through love, became a Red Mage. A year later, he joined the Council of Mages as the Main Mage of Gaia (FFIX). Now, he and his party travel the worlds of Final Fantasy, helping anyone in trouble.

Garth Moonstalker's Current Form