General Aithne Nightmourn
Name Aithne Nightmourn
General Information
Race Human
Birthdate 3rd of November
Age 29
Gender Female
Height 6'5
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Green
Professional Information
Affiliation Kingdom of Baron
Occupation General of Baron
Commander of the Soaring Hawks
Base of Operations Baron
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Alignment Lawful Evil
Status Active
Primary Job Dragoon
All Dragoons are feared; and rightfully so, but even among the ranks of the Dragoon there are monsters. Aithne Nightmourn, Commander of the Dragoon Legion known as the Soaring Hawks, is such a one. Aithne was born to a poor family in the land of Baron, while the family could barely fend for themselves as it was they still lovingly accepted a daughter. This bliss however was not to last, as a platoon of Dragoons arrived two years after Aithne's birth, their mission being to scout for new recruits for the Dragoon Corps - Aithne was first dismissed as being too young, but this changed once the leader of the squad recognized the tremendous amount of willpower she already concealed within her small body. When he ordered his subordinates to fetch the girl, her parents resisted - but the the Dragoon was not willing to relinquish such a pristine jewel; and he had them both executed on the spot.

The girls reaction was one noone would ever have expected from a child in such a gruesome situation, even as her parents sobbingly drew their final breath she turned towards the Squad Leader and spoke, in a voice which sounded eerily chilly and grave, coming from the girls thin lips.. "Are you my daddy now?"