Street he man fighter by aldgerrelpa-d5w1vev
He-Man (formerly Prince Adam) is a warrior from the destroyed kingdom known as Eternia and a protagonist character in the Final Fantasy Fanon universe. He was the main protagonist of the Masters of the Universe series.


100 years ago Prince Adam had first transformed into He-Man permenately transforming him into the warrior known as He-Man forever. He fought against the evil one known as Skeletor and his Masters of Evil who were terrorizing the land years ago. Skeletor had succeded in destroying Eternia as he and He-Man were put into an eternal sleep for 99 years.

99 years later Skeletor's Ghost had risen as a Calamity completeing the work that Skeletor had started 99 years ago. four warriors each from one of the four current nations located on the land that was once eternia known as Clay Thor of the Human Kingdom, Kounyuka Princess of The Water Elf Empire, Maiza a rouge Dark Elf of The Dark Elf Republic, and Korgo the legendary Muscleman & Blacksmith of the Cyclops Tribes had arrvived to where He-Man was slumbering and woke him up from his sleep to fight Skeletor's Ghost and save their lands. He-Man had tried to help them in their fight against Skeletor's Ghost, but Skeletor had gained the upper hand as he summoned four Undead generals to combat the four warriors and an Undead army of Zombies, Skeletons, Jiangshi, Ghouls, Liches and Undead Giants to plauge the nations in Eternia.