Name Tech-Master


The Tinkerer

Job Classification Job
Weapon Proficiency Machina

Mechanical Weaponry

Magic None
Special Abilities Boom Headshot!

Activate Armor!

Force Field!

Booster Pack!

Machina Mayham!

 What all young Al Bhed seek to be, to aid their nation and denounce the likes of the Yevon. The Machinist is someone required of their people, keeping old machina running. Making new equipment, forging technological weaponry, all in a days work. The Machinist is a role given. Passed on to those with skilled hands and intelligent minds, they seek to uphold the superiority of machinery over magic and religion.

Creating amazing pieces of machinery unlike any other, even being the first people to ever successfully create an Airship. Using their toned mind, they provide a road to the future-era, one where any normal human being could defend themselves against magic, monsters, and more. All with a little ingenuity and the willingness to dedicate one's body and time for the Al Bhed cause. For science.

Aquiring a set of tools, the Machinist will begin his journey fashioning himself into a databank of knowledge. To know everything there is about Machina, and how it works. Once this is done, he will be ready to defend himself. Not aided by magic, or by sword. But by weaponry forged with their own hands, not as slow or clumsy as a sword. Or as nauseating as magic. But by tech. Building armor for themselves, activated at a whim to cover their bodies. Guns fashioned beautiful as they are deadly, ready to destroy those who dare threaten their homelands and their ways.

As far as the Al Bhed history goes, they have used machina for the good. And they shall continue to do so with the guidance of the Machinists, preserving history and forging a brighter future. Whether the likes of the devout Yevon and their cults agree with it or not.

Becoming a MachinistEdit

To wield the power of machinery at your finger tips, to craft devices and weapons so powerful that those who wield them, know their inner workings: could take on the monsters of the wild, the deadliest of fighters, trickiest of rogues, malicious of mages... is a task in which the aspiring Al Bhed will seek to obtain.

With a wealth of knowledge, and the all too common use of Machina and machinery in general in all parts of Damcyan, it is apart of each member of Damcyan to know the mechanics and workings of a vehicle, weapon, spheres, and so forth.

It is not something too hard to achieve, and the only way to become a Machinist is to learn more about the tech, and history of tech. Being intelligent and inovative. Apprenticeship helps this task, and Machinists are usually seen aiding one another.