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Nidar Ismaris
Raphael Soul Calibur V
Name Red Mage of the North

Anarchist of the Damycan Seas

Fencer of the Magical Spectrum

Kanji 両極
General Information
Race Al Abassi (Halfbreed)
Birthdate September 24th
Age 53
Gender Male
Height 5' 11"
Weight 172lbs
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Faded Blonde
Professional Information
Affiliation Kingdom of Damcyan
Occupation Freedom Fighter

Captain of the Jeanne D'Arc

Team Seaborn Tribe
Partner Unknown First Mate
Base of Operations Isles of the Wandering

Silent Dunes Port

Personal Information
Marital Status Widower
Alignment Chaotic Good
Family Unnamed Al Abassi Mother

Unnamed Human Father

Unnamed Al Abassi Wife

Unnamed Daughter

Education Cinqleur
Status Active
Primary Job Red Mage
Nidar Ismaris is the Al Abassi Captain of the Frigate: Jeanne D'Arc, sailing under the flag of the Seaborn Tribe, under oath to take hold of the seas and free their people from the tyranny of the Other Races. Using his skills, trained under the Mages of Cinqluer, Nidar became a lone Red Mage seeking out other ships and using his abilities to defeat others that sail under enemy colors.

Hosting a freedom fighter movement known as the Queen Shiba's Revenge, a gathering of fellow pirates and freedom fighters who attempt to quell the tyranny of the shore lands, using their ships and crew to provide their people and the weak or innocent with safety and sanction.





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