Sica Apate
Name The Dark Monk

Vengence Maker


General Information
Race Human (Presumed)
Birthdate January 12th
Age 25
Gender Female
Height 5' 7"
Weight 149lbs
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Raven Violet
Professional Information
Affiliation Fabul
Previous Affiliation Order of Monks

Elite Guard

Occupation Suicide-Squad
Previous Occupation Arch-Bodyguard

Team Captain of the Warflay Wreckers

Team Martyr Accord
Previous Team Warflay Wreckers
Partner Various Unnamed Crusaders (All KIA)
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations Currently Unknown, Fabul
Personal Information
Marital Status Single, Unavailable
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Family Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

Education Monestary of Strategic Warfare
Status Active, Alive
Primary Job Monk
Sica Apate (Tricky Maple Spider) was once a woman of world reknown. An amazing Blitzer, she formed the team known as the Warflay Wreckers, traveling in a world tour, Sica strove to give her team the victories they deserved. Dancing and fighting in the arenas with unparalleled finesse, aggresive and tactful, she brought the Warflay Wreckers to an unmatched status, becoming Spira's first and only undefeated team. But, as Sin threatened the Calm once more, she knew that time was about to change. And she was due for a new calling.

This challenge defined Sica, and it built her. Trained in the Monestary of Strategic Warfare toned her for a lifestyle of combat, ready for the world and any challenges she might have on the job. Her life being filled with failed assassination attempts. And one day, her life would be changed. Defeated by an infamous assassin from Eblan, hired by an unknown contractor, the defeat would lead to her immediate shame.

And in Fabul, the weak died, the strong survived. Hopeless, however though she may have been, the Yevonites offering her a chance to still prove her strength and prevent her self-exile. She was to placed under a group of the military simply known as the Martyr Accord, an elite crusader task force that faced the highest ranking of tasks, primarily suicide missions. The task was to harden and strengthen those sent on the missions, failure leading to their honorable deaths. A warriors form of execution, once within the Accord, one could not leave it.

In the late years, Sica Apate has grown to enjoy these twisted missions and enjoys her battles. Chaotic in all means, the Dark Monk fears nothing due to her current status admist her fellows on Deathrow, and takes the challenges in stride. As well, her ability to live through her many life threatening tasks has given Apate the fame and infamy in Fabul much appreciated.


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