Name Thief
Job Classification Standard
Weapon Proficiency Daggers
Short Swords
Armor Proficiency Light
Special Abilities Secondary Skills
Steal Heart
Spell Steal
Life is an endless serie of oppurtunities, adventures and discoveries for those select few who choose to live entirely by their own wit. Always just steps ahead of imminent death and danger, Thieves rely on their wit, charm and interesting array of skills to actively take charge of their own destiny. They're unique in that the term Thief doesn't merely relate to someone who steals from others, but that they're rogues who seek to forge their destiny their own way without interference from anyone else. True Thieves commonly dislike being compared to common cutpurses and scoundrels, rightfully so considering that contrary to popular belief - thieves aren't defined by theft, but by being free-spirited individuals whom wouldn't fit into any other category.

A single Thief is commonly very different from the next, their array of skills, talents and abilities are usually only marginally similiar - the only similarity being their lifestyle as free-spirited individuals with the desire to carve out their own fortune in the world, whether this be through assassination, spellcraft, thievery or selling their skills as mercenaries is an irrellevant fact, they don't ever make such a distinction. Thieves are very unorthodox people to deal with, because they're so different its hard to pinpoint their identities; thieves can be diplomats, assassins, noblemen, bandits, bounty hunters or even users of magical lore and still be reffered to as thieves.