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Yann Ndiaye
Name Yann Ndiaye
General Information
Race Al Abassi (Half-Breed)
Birthdate Noone ever bothered to tell him
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Weight 69kg
Eye Color Heterochromia - Blue (left), Green (right)
Hair Color Turquioise
Professional Information
Affiliation Himself
Occupation Mercenary
Base of Operations Everywhere
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Family Ostracized
Education Self-taught
Status Active
Primary Job Green Mage
Secondary Skill Thievery
Yann Ndiaye is an ostracized member of an unknown, or simply unrecognized Al Abassi Tribe. Born as a consequence of an unfortunate event, he was permitted to only live with his clan until he had become old enough to fend for himself, in all of these years being constantly reminded of the fact that he was unwanted.

It took twelve years before the clan had finally imparted upon him the rudimentary knowledge of how to handle oneself and hunt, once they were certain he could fend for himself they chased him out of their settlement, with the cold statement that should he ever return to them, they wouldn't hesitate to kill him on the spot.

Yann, having grown up knowing that none cared for his well-being, or even his continued existence, managed to get by by stealing from the other tribe members or run into the wilds to attempt to catch small animals on his own. It was through this struggle to survive that Yann became a skilled Thief and hunter, his aptitude with the former being further honed through the coming decade.

Yann's talents for Green Magic became evident at a very young age, but this valuable tidbit of information was withholden from the young Al Abassi half-breed. The revelation came by how various merchants in the tribe would often try to cooperate in order to catch him; and have him punished for his many thefts. Whenever they tried however, something went always went wrong -- eventually, the village elder ruled it as a sign from the 'Great Beasts'. This statement was enough to let them leave Yann in peace, and instead focus on how to prevent him from stealing their wares.


The first thing everyone tends to notice about Yann is his tail: long, whip-like and colored the same vibrant teal as his hair, it weaves behind him as he walks. Its erratic movements being a solid indication of his general state of emotions or current mood, for those whom know him well. His cat-like ears are a close second, sorrounded by ruffled teal fur they're hard to notice at a distance.




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Spell InformationEdit

Spell Name Description Learning Process
Aero Yann is skilled enough in the arts of Green Magic to be capable of air conjuration, and he's capable of manifesting several magical effects while using the element in question. Yann is capable of using Aero to manifest both protective and offensive effects, being known to shape them into curtains of air and blades of wind, or even concussive gales of force. Complete
Sanare A spell learned due to necessity, Yann is capable of drawing upon the aether naturally present in the bodies of living creature in conjunction with his own mana in order to suffuse wounds with rejuvenating energies. Causing wounds to knit themselves back together, unlike white magic, this doesn't include the possibility of overflow - but its much less effective. Yann is capable of healing wounds of minor complexity with Sanare, although its possible for him to heal larger wounds with multiple uses. 60%
Gaia Complete
Arbor Essentially the opposite of NulFrost - NulBlaze erects a similiar barrier of red energy which neutralizes any fire spell or fire effect that enters its vicinity. Due to how fond Gerraent's cryophobia has made him - NulBlaze is a spell he experiences quite abit of difficulty with; as preventing heat is an aspect he has yet to fully grasp. 50%
Aera 30%


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